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            公司自成立以來,在市場發展中逐漸摸索和形成了自己特有的企業文化理念、宗旨和目標。秉承“天高地廣  誠心服務”的企業理念,憑借優良的管理、持續的創新能力、良好的客戶關系和對市場的準確把握,在激烈的市場競爭中取得了傲人的業績!

          Corporation introduction

          Jiangsu Huayou Medical Devices Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and distributor of Huayou brand small needle knives and acupuncture needles (formerly Beijing Excellence Huayou Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.). The company was established in 2015, has a high standard of clean workshops and advanced quality testing equipment, the production of needle knives, acupuncture needles are all imported from Germany imported steel wire, needle body has the features of strength, no burr, good toughness, into the needle smooth , sharp, and is the only one using mechanical flow processing, can be identified from the crossing. There are strict processing technology, scientific packaging, everywhere high standards, high quality and strict requirements to ensure product quality and safety. The company has a high-quality team and is well-known in the Chinese medical equipment industry.
          Jiangsu Huayou Medical Devices Co Ltd is in line with the principle of being responsible to users and beneficial to the enterprise. Based on the product quality and internationalization in the initial stage of establishment, Huayou Medical has won the favor of the majority of domestic users through its tremendous efforts for three years. Sales is the best of the same industry in China.
          Since its inception, the company has gradually explored and formed its own cultural philosophy, aims and goals in the development of the market. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Tiangaoguangguang” and “Sincere Service”, with excellent management, continuous innovation, good customer relations and accurate grasp of the market, it has achieved outstanding performance in the fierce market competition.

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